Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Who Wander are Lost

Nine years ago today I lost someone really special. Actually, no, I didn’t lose her…she was ripped from my life in a horrific car accident. She’s not lost, she’s dead and there’s a big difference. I know I have a tendency to obsess over semantics but sometimes I just can’t stand euphemisms.  When people die they aren’t lost, they’re gone. Some who wander are lost, they just haven't started to panic yet. Sometimes it's not ok, and that's just part of life. But, if you don't let yourself feel the pain, you can't truly feel the joy. If you don't ask the uncomfortable questions, tackle the tough subjects or have the difficult conversations you'll never truly feel connected. People die, fights happen, rejection is all around us so let's not sugar coat it. Let's face it, feel it, gain strength from it and enjoy and honor all the wonderful things in life we do have.

So today, please take a moment to tell someone you love them. It doesn’t have to be romantic love – as long as it’s authentic. I have a tendency to tell people I love them before they may feel comfortable hearing it but I say it anyway – because I’d hate to miss out on the opportunity. I’ve missed out on too many. So please, take a moment today to tell someone that you love them, or that they’re doing a good job or that you’re happy they're in your life…even if it makes you feel a little silly, it'll be worth it, trust me. 

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