Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Tu, Brute?

There. I did it. I joined the bandwagon - or should I say...blogwagon? probably not, because that wouldn't be funny and people might read that and think that my blog is going to be full of bad puns and then they'll stop reading. That would be bad because I'm starting this blog as an extension of my own ego, in hopes of finding validation from strangers on the internet. I would hate for people to think that I'm not being sincere or that I'm prone to bouts of sarcasm. That wouldn't be good. Then people wouldn't like me...and I hate it when people don't like me...

Well, of course that's true and not true all at the same time. But it's my first Blog installment so I should probably keep it light. 

Warning: I am sarcastic. Often. oh! oh! and don't forget self deprecating and prone to bouts of irony. 

Awesome. Good to know... but why the hell am I starting this Blog? 

I decided to Blog about finally starting my own business. It's something that I've been saying that I would do for a long time...and now I'm doing it. I'm doing it alone, in my home office and figured that others are out there doing the same thing - sitting in front of their computers, trying to motivate themselves - to put words to paper, action behind intention, their money where their mouth is. I thought Blogging might be a nice way to not feel so alone in this process, oh! and some people say I'm funny, so maybe it'll be entertaining too!

So to my fellow entrepreneurs, friends, family and anyone else who wants to read, comment or stay a while...welcome to the Sparkhouse.