Friday, March 12, 2010

I said I'd be honest...

I want to take a nap. I want to watch bad television like Celebrity Rehab Sober House. I do not want to finish filing, deal with tax stuff, find a way to hang a cork board and a dry erase board in my office or any of the other things that are on my list. Well, to be more specific, my List of Things I Need to Do Before Getting to the Real Work. Don't even get me started on revising my brand platform, writing my business plan or drafting my cost analysis - ha ha I just made a pun and I didn't even mean to! I am a genius. Get it - don't get me started....get in now? don't get me started talking about not getting started....
Ok that joke there might just be proof that I've lost it and shouldn't be working anyway. So much for motivation and devotion.

Today I was planning on blogging about privacy. This Blog has got me thinking about what I'm sharing, what I should be sharing and why I'm sharing at all since I'm actually a very private person. On one hand I want to start a dialogue - about who we are, what we're up to and why - on the other hand I feel that my thoughts and especially my feelings about this process called 'following your dreams' should be carefully guarded. I've never been one to share feelings, in fact I used to never, ever tell anyone what I was feeling. It got to the point where I didn't even know myself. I most definitely would not have admitted I was scared or heaven forfend! unable to do something - GASP! Now, I am getting much better at that - and to those of you who I have shared with...please note that these attempts sometimes result in over-sharing. But to start a blog? to admit to the whole world (ok maybe just the 8 people reading this) that I'm not sure how it'll go, or that I don't want to do one goddamn productive thing today- it's scary. But, I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it. I believe that the scariest thing in the whole world is being alone. Yet, when you're honest with someone about how you feel - you create intimacy and when you share with a group of people you create community; when you do this you're definitely not alone.  Don't forget though, Sartre did say hell is other people - so pick wisely!

As a parting message I would like to share with you a few things that I'm not good at.

1. I am not good at making instant mac and cheese
2. I am not good at hiking or finding my way in a forest *
3. I am not good at group sports
4. I am not good at singing (that includes Karaoke)
5. I am not good at horseback riding or handling any large animals*
6. I am not good at figuring out how to only leave one line blank between paragraphs on this blog

* denotes things I am also scared of


  1. Try holding down shift and enter at the same time to add a break instead of a paragraph -- sometimes that works.

    p.s. -- the image of you in a forest made me guffah. (I'm not good at spelling guffah)