Monday, March 15, 2010

A Peek Inside Progress

I don't feel like writing much today so I thought I'd let a picture or two tell a few thousand words. 
This is my office:

I've been working on it for a while - finally got the furniture in, the shelves somewhat organized and the walls painted bright pink. This room used to be my sister's game room/trophy room, hence all the shelving. Ideally I'd love to paint them all glossy white, but that seems like an unnecessary expense right now.
This is the view from my desk - into the backyard:

As you can see I still have some organizing to do, but it's coming along. I got all my furniture from CB2 - good stuff. Soon this table will be the site of much creative geniusness (see how creative I am! I just created a new word).

Oh and by the way, thanks to Rosalie - I can now create single line breaks in my Blog. She too is full of geniusness.


  1. Sparkhouse sounds like a great name for a Medical Marijuana Clinic.

  2. I am full of geniusness!!!!!!!!!

  3. I covet your shelving.